You can find forms on the Project Tab in the future, or click on the link below. Remember, there are only 100 spots available! Full payment is due to claim each bed. Here are some guidelines to follow:

In order to have enough chaperones and as many participants as possible, Awestruck asks that all groups maintain a youth-chaperone ratio of at least 4-1 and no more than 6-1. We are willing to negotiate other options, please express this need on your form.
Chaperones are to be at least 25 or older. For those who are High School graduates and under the age of 25, we strongly suggest Awestruck University.
Participating Groups MAY BE asked by Awestruck to transport youth from site to site. 
Each meal will be paid for at Awestruck. After your group is registered, we will be sending each group leader medical forms that will include a questions about special dietary needs for our participants.
Project Awestruck begins at 12:00 PM. In order to get the full Awestruck Experience, we ask that each group abides by this time.
Don’t think you have the skills? There is a 2 Hour Service-Specific Workshop that will help enable all our participants by sharpening up God-given skills and creating new gifts. Any chaperones that have special skills in communication, carpentry, organization, electrical, etc., are asked to contact Awestruck Experience. You will be a tremendous benefit to our preparation workshop!


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