Cause The Collision: Servant Sponsorship

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Lightning is caused when frozen raindrops in thunderclouds collide, creating an electric current causing lightning to strike the earth.  We believe that creating a summer getaway that motivates youth be in  community serving those who are of low income, elderly, and disabled is worth time, energy, and effort!  Christ’s work will be done through our youth, striking the hearts and minds of those who will be loved, cared for, and served this summer.   You get to support them by being a part of that collision!  We believe that you want to do your part in growing this community, this experience.


Begin here!

Just $30 allows one student to complete one day of service to someone in need. Sponsor a day of caring, a new relationship between a youth and someone who needs love.  For each “Youth-A-Day” Sponsor, you will receive a picture of this youth serving and a journal entry from that day of service.  If you would like to sponsor a youth, please fill our Collide: Servant Sponsorship Form.  Then,  You can send a check or give at our host church’s website.   You may also write to your youth before Awestruck begins and they will get your letter that morning before their project begins!  


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Before summer’s end, every donor will receive a photo snapped on their sponsorship day(s) along with their journal entry of the day! Sponsor a youth today!