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Honeybees LogoGo Bees! This is a unique opportunity for you, the college student, to be enriched with the Gospel, empowered by dynamic conversations and experiences with others your age, and enlightened by the presence of God! The Awestruck Worship Experience is presenting college-aged young adults with the opportunity to be a part of our growth through a servant leadership-training course we like to call Awestruck University.

Learn how to spiritually lead youth groups through service projects. Become a vital part of the preparation process of the Awestruck Festival. Meet others your age who have a desire to have their hearts and minds transformed during this exciting summer experience.

For the first time in Awestruck history, Awestruck University is free, which covers the training course, all meals, and lodging.  A $50 deposit is due upon submitting your registration after being accepted which will be returned to you at the Festival. We do highly encourage you to play a vital role in our “Cause The Collision” Fundraiser!  The funds raised for and through Awestruck will go towards aiding the project, as well as the whole experience in its entirety including the festival and your assigned project. Upon a letter confirming your invitation into our program, you will be doing some or all of the following,

  • Be apart of brand new ministry to Indianapolis, Indiana!
  • Be able to enjoy the presence of God in His creation in Indy!
  • Be trained to lead servant event activities such as work projects, community outreach projects, drama skits, campfire devotions, Bible studies, field games, and meal preparation. You will develop, increase, and attain skills and gifts throughout the Awestruck Experience.
  • Worship around a campfire and study the Bible throughout the day, all with college-age students from all over Indiana.
  • Be a part of the ongoing ministry of Awestruck as you introduce new ideas, help mold our experience to fit the needs of high school students, and impact the lives of those also taking part in Awestruck University.
  • Once family, always family! We still keep in contact with students who served years ago. We pray for them, we listen to them, we celebrate with them!
  • Be outside. It’s summer, why not?
A Summer Experience Of A Lifetime!

A Summer Experience Of A Lifetime!

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