Awestruck T

Creating Family,
Impacting Communities,
Transforming Lives
…In Jesus’ Name.


The Awestruck Experience is three parts.  

  • We offer a festival to the general public called the Awestruck Festival which will be held for its 13th year in 2019, this year, with bands to be announced later.
  • Available the Monday before the Festival is a week-long work project for youth groups called Project Awestruck.   This year, 100 people will sign up from various youth groups, conducting over 2,600 of community service for 30 different non-profit organizations in the Indianapolis area.  
  • Before that,  Awestruck University is a servant leadership training program to college-aged students.   This summer, 14 college students will be trained to guide our Project Awestruck participants, in addition, they will be enriched through a spiritual life weekend, allowing them to be still, evaluate, and grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ, all while serving the needy in many and various ways. 

Why  Awestruck?

  • Creating Family
    • The Festival creates an intimate and friendly setting for people to get to know others.
    • Through the Project, we join 10 church youth groups together in service, fun, and worship, deepening relationships with both God and man.
    • The University allows college students to know that their desire to know Jesus and to join him in ministry is shared by other college students as we provide the means to provide sold servant leadership training quickly utilized to impact high school students they are serving the following week after training.
  • Impacting Communities
    • The Festival not only has some fantastic bands producing the powerful and encouraging message of Jesus Christ but also begins with a free outdoor event open to everyone!  The first three hours of the event has free entertainment for all which includes music, games, contests, bounce houses, art venders and more.
    • 3,000 hours served by over 100 youth is an impact that has been experienced by Indiana for years!  We serve those with low income, the disabled, and the elderly an entire week.  Not only that, but our mother church, Holy Cross Lutheran Indianapolis, checks in and holds events supporting many of the organizations we serve during Awestruck throughout the year, gathering offerings through their school, creating a database for adults and youth who wish to serve throughout the year to potential special events, and much, much more!
    • Through University, the college students are able to hone in on spiritual disciplines and practices they can carry on throughout the year on their campuses.  The group of students become a support group at their various campuses they represent as they keep relationships going with the high school students they guide through the Project Awestruck week.
  • Transforming Lives
    • At Awestruck Festival, we hope to provide the space and time to allow the message in the music transform lives.  We are very excited that our past events have led several people to the knowledge of a loving and gracious Savior!
    • At Project, participants see the results of focusing on being Christ’s hands and feet in an extremely evident ways through their service, study, group building exercises, games, and other events that take place during the week.  We have meaningful late night conversations, question and answer times, and present them with relevant and thought provoking speakers that share this dynamic belief of a Savior that loves his people immeasurably.






Would You Like To Be A Part Of Our Team?!

To volunteer at our Experience, please contact our Awestruck Director
at awestruckexperience@gmail.com!