Facts and Figures

Awestruck Timeline:

April 2, 2006:  Founding of Awestruck

August 10, 2006: First Awestruck Festival

2006: First Afterglow at Awestruck Festival

2006: First Artist: Angie Reichenbacker

2007: Awestruck extends to 3 days

2009: First Project Awestruck

2009: Awestruck extends to 6 Days

2009: First First Word at Awestruck Festival

2009: First Breakout Sessions at Awestruck Festival

2010: First Workshops at Awestruck Festival

2010: First Awestruck University

2010: Awestruck extends to 9 Days

2011: Awestruck extends to 10 Days

2012: First Project Year featuring Project Tribes

2012: Awestruck introduces the Jesus Walk.

2013: Awestruck extends to 11 Days

2013: First Multi-site Festival Year (Indiana and Minnesota)

2013: First Awestruck Achievement Award and Volunteer of the Year Award Presented

2014: Awestruck extends to 12 Days

2014: First Year featuring Project Tribal Challenges

2014: First and only year of Awestruck Island

2014: First 10,000 Meal Packaging Event

2015: Awestruck Achievement Award changed to The Dale Lupton Awestruck Achievement Award which was awarded to Scott Ostrander

2015: First Kidzone Established with Bounce Houses, Playground, and Games For Kids

2016: First Awestruck Midday was created as a pre-festival festival for those arriving early for set up.  Concerts took place poolside and included Zachariah Kirkham, Erica Heleman, and Jake and Rolo.  Because of this, an Awestruck record of 10 bands performed at Awestruck 2016!

2016: A beach trip was brought back on Friday for graduated seniors to have a final bon voyage during the last Project Awestruck.

2016: The official Awestruck logo became just the “Awestruck Bolt”.

2017: Awestruck Experience finds new home in Indianapolis, Indiana, hosted through Holy Cross Church.

2017: Increased our Meal Packaging event through Rise Against Hunger with 30,000 meals

2017: Introduced the Katie Kloess College Leadership Award that goes to a high school student who best exemplifies Christian character through strong leadership and humble servitude while at Awestruck.  We also partnered with Kindness4Katie as participants were given $10 to perform an random acts of kindness during the week, allowing them to continually think about intentional acts of kindness in every day living.

2018: Added Support Staff positions to our Awestruck University team which allows us to have more than the average number of college students be impacted by the ministry of Awestruck each summer (up to 14 college students in our University program).

2018: Begins relationship with McCordsville Sports Park as it becomes home to the Jesus Walk, our Friday night community worship.

2019: We conduct our first Winter Event.

2019: We partnered with Dream Center Indy to purchase a Hot Dog Stand that will be used for the first time during Awestruck week only to be fully utilized weekly by DCI and Holy Cross to give free hot dogs and chili to the homeless in Indianapolis  


2006-2011: Camp Lakeview, Seymour, Indiana

2012-2016: Camp LRCA, Crown Point, Indiana

2013: Camp Omega, Waterville, Minnesota

2017-19: Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Indianapolis, Indiana



2006: “Awestruck” from Hebrews 12:28-29

2007: No Festival

2008: “2B” from Romans 8:1-4

2009: “Trace”

2010: “Forever” from Jude 24-25

2011: “LiVe It Up”

2012: “VIctory” from 1 John 1:3-5

2013: “Even This” from Ephesians 2:4-5

2014: “Refu8e and Stren8th” from Psalm 46:1

2015: “fIX” from Hebrews 12:1-2

2016: “We Are Z10N” from 1 Peter 2:9

2017: “HERE I STAND” from 1 Corinthians 15:58

2018: “Maximum” from John 3:30

2019: “Glow” from Matthew 6:22



2006: Failure To Yield

2007: No Festival 

2008: Me In Motion, Adam Cappa

2009: Remedy Drive, Revive

2010: Me In Motion, Unspoken

2011: Red Umbrella, Me In Motion

2012: Anthem Lights

2013: Indiana: The City Harmonic; Minnesota: Hyland, We Are Leo

2014: We Are Leo

2015: Sanctus Real

2016: Building 429

2017: Hawk Nelson

2018: Jordan Feliz

2019: Sidewalk Prophets


Keynote Speaker:

2006: John Nunes

2007: No Festival

2008: Dan Lee, Matt Nieman

2009: Matthew Paul Turner, Brandon Grelle

2010: J. Brown, Brandon Grelle

2011: Ryan Matthias, Brandon Grelle

2012: Aaron Rosenau; Shrine: Brandon Grelle

2013: Indiana: Brandon Grelle; Minnesota: Jeffrey Meinz; Shrine: Daniel Batteiger

2014: Shrine: James Wetzstein

2015: Shrine: Amy Birner and Olivia Dehann

2016: John Nunes; Shrine: Brandon Grelle

2017: Keith Blackburn and Misty Wallace, Shrine: Brandon Grelle

2018: Tony Wolf, Micah Parker, Madison Surface, Cody Duke, Brandon Grelle; Shrine: Marissa Martinez

2019: Brandon Grelle, Hannah Lang with Brady Gurgainous, Ty Wyss; Jesus Walk: Brandon Grelle



2006: Brandon Grelle and Amanda Quillen

2008: Brandon Grelle and Sarah Wilkinson

2009-11: Brandon Grelle

2012: Brandon Grelle

2013: Brandon Grelle and Clay Myers

2014: Jake and Rolo

2015: Zachariah Kirkham

2016: Zachariah Kirkham

2017: Zachariah Kirkham

2018: Tony Wolf

2019: LWO


2006: Dave McClean

2007: No Festival

2008: Dave McClean

2009: Dave McClean

2010: Matt Schilling

2011: Ryan Matthias

2012: Dave Kipp

2013: Dave Kipp

2014: Dave Kipp

2015: James Wetzstein

2016: Dave McClean

2017: John Van Schleidrict

2018: Dave McClean

2019: Kurt Mews



2006: Angie Riechenbacker, Steve Cobb, Branches, Failure To Yield

2007: No Festival

2008: WhammyBar, Gabriel Wilson, Parusia, The Great Transparency, Branches, Adam Cappa

2009: As I Am, Great Transparency, Me In Motion, Adam Cappa, Remedy Drive, Revive

2010: Blank Pages, Overflow, Will Rayburn, Adam Cappa, Me In Motion, Unspoken

2011: Spectrum, Shine Bright Baby, We Are Leo, Madison Letter, Red Umbrella, Me In Motion

2012: Jennie Wellsand, We Are Leo, Lexi Elisha, Willet, Abe Parker, The Madison Letter, Rhema Soul, DJ Josiah Freebourne, Anthem Lights

2013: Indiana: The City Harmonic, We Are Leo, Jake and Rolo, Willet, Shuree, Rhema Soul, Jason Siegfried and Richard Bodden, Sam Troemel featuring Sarah Burr, Jennie Wellsand; Minnesota: Hyland, Willet, We Are Leo, Tangled Blue, The Madison Letter, Lost and Found

2014: We Are Leo, Rhema Soul, Willet, Loftland, Abe Parker, Lost and Found.  Pre-Festival: Deception’s End, Anonamus

2015: Sanctus Real, Remedy Drive, Red Letter Hymnal, Abe Parker, The Lasting Hope, Katie Danielle, Zachariah Kirkham

2016: Building429, We Are Leo, Abe Parker, City Of Bright, Light The Sky, Apricity, Klocek, Pre-Festival: Zachariah Kirkham, Jake and Rolo, and Erica Heleman

2017: Hawk Nelson, Abe Parker Band, Manic Drive, The Lasting Hope, Pre-Festival: Zachariah Kirkham, Cameron Shank, Chase Wood

2018: Jordan Feliz, I Am They, We Are Leo, The Lasting Hope, Roy Tosh, Pre-Festival: Caves, Sam and Molly, Taylor Klapak and Patchwork

2019: Sidewalk Prophets, Cloverton, We Are Leo, Jeremy Willet, Caves, LWO, Preshow: Illindigian, Air Ralley

Dale Lupton Awestruck Achievement Award

2013: Stephen Brooks; Madison, Indiana

2014: Patrick Frey; North Vernon, Indiana

2015: Scott Ostrander; Oak Park, Illinois

2016: Daniel Battieger, Indianapolis, Indiana

2017: Heidi Martinez, Indianapolis, Indiana and Kate Moore, Indianapolis, Indiana

2018: Alexis Beed, Franklin, Indiana

2019: Susan Vitolins

Katie Kloess  Award

2017: Sara Arndt, Joshua Veyette, and Parker Reece

2018: Gena Sleen, Faith Bergner, and Logan Podhorsky

2019: Taylor Hart, Caleb Stephenson

Stephen Brooks Servant Award

2013: Nikkol McCord

2014: Olivia Dehaan

2015: Liz Haviland 

2016: Sarah Fink

2017: Royce McConnell

2018: Miriam Wright

2019: Jacob Veyette

University Professors and Students

2010: Brandon Grelle, Daniel Batteiger, Chelsea Driver, Bethany Wendt, Dawn Stephen, Stephen Brooks, Jacob Hercamp, Kim Vehslage

2011: Brandon Grelle, Daniel Batteiger, Liz Haviland, Kristen Mitchum, Erin Hunter, Jacob Hercamp, Stephen Brooks, Nikkol McCord, Kim Vehslage

2012: Jennifer McCord, Daniel Batteiger, Liz Haviland, Amy Birner, Aaron Hensley, Clay Myers, Erin Hunter, Nikkol McCord, Kim Vehslage

2013: Jennifer McCord, Daniel Batteiger, Liz Haviland, Kim Vehslage, Amy Birner, Jacob Lingeman, Aaron Hensley, Olivia Dehann, and Nikkol McCord

2014: Jennifer McCord, Liz Haviland, Kim Vehslage, Amy Birner, Jacob Lingeman, Aaron Hensley, Olivia Dehaan, Nikkol McCord, Connor Searcy, Rita Smith, and Matt Grogan.

2015: Jennifer McCord, Jaymes Hayes, Liz Haviland, Amy Birner, Jacob Lingeman, Olivia Dehaan, Matt Grogan, Hayden DeFord, Josh Heideman, Carl Wendt, Paige Kruk, Sarah Fink, Rachel McCord

2016: Jennifer McCord, Hayden DeFord, Josh Heideman, Carl Wendt, Rachel McCord, Catherine Arndt, Hannah Duncan, Connor Slattery, Matt Grogan, Olivia Searcy, Reagan John

2017: Andy and Marley McClean, Hayden DeFord, Hannah Duncan, Lizzy Rager, Jacob Vayette, McKenzie Slattery, Natalie Neff, Royce McConell, Michaela Somers

2018: Alexis Beed, Josh Harrington Michaela Somers, Miriam Wright, McKenzie Slattery, Marrissa Martinez, Grace Telfer, Jacob Vayette, Jacob Newkirk, Phoenix Bergner, Wil Knapp, Royce McConnell, Hannah Frash, Joe Geiger, Caleb Hanania, Elizabeth Moses

2019: Alexis Beed, Marissa Martinez, Grace Telfer, Sydney Dennis, Jacob Vayette, Jacob Newkirk, Phoenix Bergner, Wil Knapp, Royce McConnell, Joe Geiger


Fun Stats:

Christina Harkleroad became the first Awestruck participant to also become an Awestruck speaker.  Other Awestruck speakers have been Marrissa Martinez, Amy Birner, Daniel Battieger, and Olivia Searcy.

We Are Leo hold the record for most performances at Awestruck with 9.

“Gepetto” is the name of the Awestruck mascot, a Bee who has made an appearance at Awestruck in 2006 and reemerged  as a modified version in 2014.

2012 was the first year that Awestruck Festival was open to everyone, regardless of age. 

Awestruck Festival has only had 2 rainy days, the first was during the first Me In Motion concert on Friday night in 2007.  The crew moved the stage from Camp Lakeview’s amphitheater to a shelter house multiple times during the day. In 2014, the forecast called for rain twice, only to graciously dawn cloudy overcast conditions all afternoon into the evening. The second was in 2015 when a storm went just north of the Festival grounds but the rain came down during the last two shows of the night.

20, 424 hours of community service has been completed by participants during Project Awestruck.  3,224 hours is the most ever complete in a single year, which happened in 2018.

Chipotle was the first franchise to sponsor the Awestruck Experience, donating over 150 burritos over the years in 2011.  Chipotle appeared again in 2013, donating another batch of burritos to Project Awestruck.  Chick Fil A has donated the most food.  

Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Indianapolis, Indiana has the record for most years participating in Project Awestruck and are 2nd in attendance at the Awestruck Experience (183 and counting). Crown Point, the mother church of 2012-16 has accumulated the most participating youth (154 and counting).

Colonel Lt. Edwards is the oldest speaker/artist to lead an event at Awestruck.  In 2006, the retired army chaplain lead a breakout session at the young age of 71.   

Former Awestruck Platinum Donor, Dale Gayman made one request with his donation, that his musically gifted son, Brad Gayman, be able to perform at Awestruck.  In 2010, during the Sunday morning worship, Brad became the youngest speaker/artist to ever perform at the Awestruck Festival.

The “Founding Faithful” is the title given to the eight people who came from out of state to support the inaugural Awestruck Festival are Janet Linden, Julie Zipay, Matt Beck, Chelci Spiegal, Scott Ostrander, Kenny Starks, Jo Suzuki, Andy Johnson, and Greg Guziar.  The staff of Camp Lakeview 2005 as well as many other supporting cast members help pour the foundation of what has become an eleven-day, 5-figure, 2000 hour , Awestruck Experience that is supported by hundreds of volunteers!

$16,000 has been awarded to Awestruck Experience in 2013 by the Crown Point Community Foundation, the largest amount of money ever donated to the Experience.

Being born 3 days before the Awestruck Festival, Jackson Lee Grelle, Brandon and Rachel Grelle’s son, is the youngest Festival attendant.

Stephen Brooks was awarded the first-ever Awestruck Achievement Award for his impeccable servitude in the Awestruck Experience.  Because of his dedication, wisdom, and servitude, the volunteer of the year award has been given the name, The Stephen Brooks Servant Award, which was first given to Nikkol McCord.

The first Project Participants to ever take the stage are Carlton Rager and Phoenix Bergner who battled in an epic lip sync battle which rivaled the intensity of their initial battle at the first ever Mobile Lip Sync Battle For America aboard the Awestruck 4th of July Float.