Financial Pledge Drive


In order to best prepare for our transformative experience, we are seeking out those who wish to support this week long community service event, musical festival, and college servant leadership training program.  Not a single member of our staff is paid and we don’t do any fundraisers.  With the free time our 100 person volunteer staff, we utilize our “Awestruck” time to plan bible studies, find potential community service projects, plan meals for our servants, provide an excellent outdoor concert, and discover the different ways our adults, youth, and college students can shape their own communities.

Whether it’s funding our meal packaging event that will fed 10,000 poverty stricken people, a new ramp for someone who is handicapped, providing a meal for our 80 volunteers, or paying for equipment needed for the festival, your money will allow us to make this unique summer experience possible, effecting thousands in Northwest Indiana and abroad.

In order to plan, we are asking for commitments now!  You don’t have to give until February 1, 2016, but it is best for Awestruck to be able to make the best financial decisions now to plan for next summer’s event!  Once you do plan to pay, please visit our donate page for details!  We will begin collecting money December 10th!

All donors of $50 or more will be given a free t-shirt and all donors $200 will receive a VIP Pass to this year’s Awestruck Festival!

If you would love to bless Awestruck and be an integral part of this process,

click here to make a pledge today!

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