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How To Play A Vital Role This Summer!

Do you want to serve the community and our youth, the leaders of tomorrow? Does your business?  Your family?


Your business, church, family, or organization can help support a service project geared towards youth to learn, grown, and serve your community! Several service projects have been selected in Indianapolis, Indiana for the summer of 2017!  These youth are coming from parts of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois, but will join together to complete tasks, learn skills, and be able to show love to their world.

Together, these youth will need lodged and fed during their stay as we also treat them to an outdoor celebrative festival!

We are asking you to be a part of this project.

Review our donation packages that are located on the bottom of this site to decide which package is right for you and your church or business. You may also take a look at our gifts we have in store for you for your charitable offering.  If you can’t give now, but would like to pledge to give, click on this link to make a pledge!  We are currently accepting donations!

Donate By Mail

Pay to the order of Holy Cross Lutheran Church

IMPORTANT: Memo the Check to The Awestruck Experience

By check or money order and send payment to:

8115 Oaklandon Road, Indianapolis, IN  46236



Feel free to follow us as we prepare for both our project and our festival online at our website.

Call Awestruck at 219-742-7408 if you have any additional questions

Donation Packages

Platinum ($5000):

  • 20 complimentary tickets to Awestruck Festival
  • Project T-Shirt Recognition
  • Work and Camp Site Banner
  • Verbal Recognition at Festival
  • 30 second advertising at Festival
  • Work site sponsor
  • Booth
  • Water bottle
  • 5 Free T-Shirts

Gold $2500:

  • 15 complimentary tickets to Awestruck
  • Camp and Work Site Banner
  • Verbal recognition at Festival
  • Booth
  • Water Bottle
  • 3 Free T-Shirts

Silver $1000:

  • 10 Complimentary Tickets to Awestruck
  • Verbal recognition
  • Booth
  • Water Bottle
  • 2 Free T-Shirts

Bronze $500:

  • 5 complimentary tickets to Awestruck
  • Verbal recognition
  • Water bottle
  • 1 T-Shirt

Be a part of this Christian Service Experience!

Your financial gift will be graciously accepted to build a festival that encourages Christian growth and discipline, an eagerness to serve the community, and support a positive social experience amongst our future. With your supportive contribution, we will be building a festival that will attract many youth to this area with all their proceeds going to future service events as we offer up half our earnings to world relief agencies. We believe the footsteps of Jesus need to be seen by this current generation; footsteps of joy, peace, love, hope, and comfort that are still walking this earth today.

It is our gaurantee that your money will be used to help with the purchasing of lodging, food, equipment, and promotional material for this event.

Many people will be affected by your generous donation! Be a part of this epidemic!

Be a part of the Experience!


Donation In The Form of Service?

Call Awestruck at 219-742-7408 if you would like to help serve at our Project or Festival!