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We will let them say it for us.


They are the hundreds of youth who have served over a dozen Indiana towns in the last eight years, conducting over 12,000 hours of community service in just 8 weeks. 

They are a thousand people who have come in contact with one of our youth who has brought a smile to their face and gave them a new sense of hope for our future.


They are a dozen college students who have decided to dedicate 11 days of their summer without a chance of making funds in order to be trained to lead 78 participants this summer in the longest, most rigorous, and deepest spiritual journey Awestruck has ever planned. 


“I didn’t just experience bands and meet new people at Awestruck, but I reconnected with God.  Before this experience, I prayed half-heartedly at church ad never on my own.  Now I pray regularly with all my heart!  I also never wanted to offend people with my Christian views of the world.  Now I feel empowered to talk to those around me about my faith.  I am more open and proud to show my faith in the Lord.”

                                                          Christina Harkleroad, Participant


“The Awestruck Experience was amazing and refreshing.  The servant events gave a sense of meaning and put the lives of the youth who were involved in perspective as to how to live their lives as Christ’s hands and feet in today’s world.  The bands were spirit-filled with a message of hope that today’s youth so desperately need to hear.  The unique atmosphere of the concerts was personable and could never be duplicated.  I was blessed to see the youth and adults not only grow in their relationships with each other but more importantly in their God-given faith during the worship services and speakers.  In the months returning from Awestruck, I have seen faith in action that was ignited by attending the awesome experience.  The whole festival is a great building block for youth groups to see God is active in our lives every day, leaving His traces of abundant grace on us.  All of my youth are still excited, telling their stories, and cannot wait until the next Awestruck Festival.”


                                                          Pastor Matt Schilling, Adult Leader


“What you and your “Awestruck Group” accomplished was a true blessing and a miracle for my very dear friend, Melanie (who was in her fourth stage with cancer) and her family.  Witnessing the two full days of hard work your group accomplished was such a moving experience.  The witnessing and the effect you guys had on Melanie and her family…word can’t describe!  God bless you All!”

                                                        Shirley Runge, Funds Contributor


It is an experience.  In the last eight years, Awestruck has improved the quality of low-income housing projects, served food shelters, brought joy to the elderly at every single nursing home, stained a deck and refurbished a woodshed for a family with a mother that was struck with incurable cancer.  They stained, painted, dug, fixed, molded, and above all, have shown a love and power God can only provide, all here in Indiana.  They packed over 30,000 meals for those in poverty-stricken areas both in the states and abroad. They provided VBS, basketball camps, Mobile Meals, taught underprivileged students, painted elderly people’s nails…all during their summer vacation, and paid for it.   They lived in the community and when they left, they began to transform their local communities more effectively. 


Through the help of organizations like the Crown Point Community Foundation and Thrivent Financial, we have been able to provide the youth with the tools, meals, and gasoline they need to serve a community, for some, are not even their own; in doing so, they create a repertoire of new gifts and talents they are able to take back to their communities, some as far as Conover, North Carolina and as close as Crown Point. 


With the necessary funds gathered, your money will be used for the following:

  1. Allow all 80 workers to lodge, sleep, eat, and grown in relationships together in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  2. Allow for 30,000 meals to be purchased and packed by our participants for people in poverty-stricken countries on the day of the Festival.
  3. Provide for our 88 participants to conduct over 2,000 hours of community service for over a dozen non-profit organizations that are currently operational to aid the elderly, low-income, and those dealing with disability.
  4. Allow for the community to celebrate this service and God’s love with a 4 band Christian music festival as we expressing the importance, vitality, and joy of positive and encouraging Christian music. This year our headliner is Hawk Nelson
  5. Allow for 10 college-aged students to be trained in the area of servant leadership, becoming powerful reflections of Christ’s light as they become volunteer staff and life-long champions for the participants and their faith journey.  
  6. Impact the community; allowing many to utter the words, “I am in awe of what Jesus has done here today!”


People continue to be inspired by awe. 


We are asking you to be part of this ministry, to support this growth by keeping costs low and allowing us to use your money to stain a deck of someone who can’t spend time cleaning up a nursing home to the organizations can spend more money on patient hospitality, to a week-long Bible study of 70 youth going through the hardships of this world, your money will provide the means.

“How Can I Cause the Collision?”

Learn about Servant Sponsorship Through Awestruck!


Lightning is caused when frozen raindrops in thunderclouds collide, creating an electric current causing lightning to strike the earth.  We believe that creating a summer getaway that motivates youth to be in the community serving those who are of low-income, elderly, and disabled is worth time, energy, and effort!  Christ’s work will be done through our youth, striking the hearts and minds of those who will be loved, cared for, and served this summer.   You get to support them by being a part of that collision!  We believe that you want to do your part in growing this community, this experience.


Review our donation packages that are located on the bottom of this site to decide which package is right for you and your church or business.  You may also take a look at our gifts we have in store for you for your charitable offering.



Servant Sponsorship                                                                                                                $30 or More Donations

 Just $30 allows one student to complete one day of service to someone in need. Sponsor a day of caring, a new relationship between a youth and someone who needs love.  For each Servant Sponsorship, you will receive a picture of this youth-serving and a journal entry from that day of service.  If you would like to sponsor a youth, please fill out our Collide: Servant Sponsorship Form.  Information on submitting your generous donation is in this packet.   You may also write to your youth before Awestruck begins and they will get your letter that morning before their project begins!  



 Experience Sponsorship                                                                       $300 or More Donations

 We are looking for partnerships!  If you or your business have been financially blessed, consider a one-time gift to fund Awestruck by writing a check to Holy Cross Indianapolis!  Awestruck is looking for sponsors for our event to specifically fund key elements for the Awestruck Experience.  On our gift list, you will see what you will receive based on the level of your monetary contribution.