Extra Info

How many chaperones is our group responsible for?

In order to have enough chaperones and as many participants as possible, Awestruck asks that all groups maintain a youth-chaperone ratio of 5-1.  If a group cannot meet the chaperone requirements a $270 fee is applied to the group for every 5 youth unchaperoned in order for us to afford drivers.  We are willing to hear exceptions, please express this need on your form.  You MAY switch out chaperones during the week but there must always be at least 1 chaperone to every 5 youth.  Participating Groups MAY BE asked by Awestruck to transport youth from site to site.   Chaperones are to be at least 25 or older. For those who are High School graduates and under the age of 25, we strongly suggest Awestruck University.   

Don’t think you have the skills?

There is a 2 Hour Service-Specific Workshop that will help enable all our participants by sharpening up God-given skills and creating new gifts. Any chaperones that have special skills in communication, carpentry, organization, electrical, etc., are asked to contact Awestruck Experience. You will be a tremendous benefit to our preparation workshop!


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