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Project Awestruck 2017 

15 Ways God’s Love Will Be On Display During Project Awestruck


Shepherd Community Center: Assisting with summer enrichment programming for at-risk youth; helping leaders with school-aged children in the classroom, playing games with them and having gym time

Noble of Indiana: Weeding and landscaping to create a pleasant outdoor area for clients to use during break-time. Also improves visibility to monitor clients during outside activities. 
Dream Center Indy: Multiple locations and services provided. Ministering to the homeless by packing and handing out survival kits, water, and snacks. Delivering fresh produce to under-served neighborhoods, taking requests for future help needed, and cleaning up litter.
The Sharing Place: Stocking shelves, unloading deliveries and helping clients to shop at this Lawrence Twp. food pantry.
Growing Places Indy: Landscaping and weeding, planting; We will be doing various farm related tasks on their urban farming site, which serves areas devoid of the means to grow/acquire fresh produce.
FAME: Serving the medical evangelism community worldwide by sorting, tagging and packing donations in the warehouse; will also include outdoor clean-up such as picking up litter.
Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center: In the food pantry, unload the vans, sort through the food donations, organize and set-up the tables. We will also aid in distribution of food and clean-up.
Outreach Indiana: Prepare burritos for the organization to hand out to the homeless youth they serve.
Westminster Village North: We will be entertaining residents of both the health center and assisted living with music, puppets, and conversation. We will also be walking some of the residents around in wheelchairs to give them some variety.
Hands of Hope: Providing a foster family with the gift of time by helping them with yard work and staining their deck.
Lazarus Living: Preparing a homeless shelter for living by doing light construction and painting.
Holy Cross Lutheran Church: Continuing work on the prayer trail, which will be open to the community and encourage positive use of the wooded areas.
Kindness4Katie Every Awestruck participant will be given $10 at the beginning of the project week.  Each student will pray for discernment and wisdom as they use that $10 to intentionally bless 1 person, showing that person the love of Christ.  $750 will be spent in memory of Katie Kloess, a Lutheran school teacher who went to heaven this past winter after a tragic automobile accident.  
Free Car Wash: Rather than taking money, we will be taking prayer request as well as asking if the people have any side projects our youth could work on during year.  
Rise Against Hunger Holy Cross’ “Be The Church” campaign joins Awestruck in packing 30,000 meals for people that are dealing with poverty in countries abroad.  These meals will be packed Saturday, July 15th, hours before the Awestruck Music Festival and all are invited to sign up here!

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